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I am a new member on iknife and a brand new member to your scandi group. I would like to tell you about my two favorite scandi knife makers. First is Gunnar Holmberg. First a couple pics:

Here is a link where you can view more of his work and chat with him.

ooops, link down. they are retooling their 1,000,000+ post site. will post later.

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To me, mr Holmberg's knives are very beautiful. I plan to definitely aquire one at some point in the future.
One of the cool things about Mr Holmberg is that he employs the most subtle hint of a guard.
I find this quite unique and especially wonderful.

Holmberg is my wifes maiden name, sounds like a good excuse to buy a knife doesnt it?  Those are some fantastic knives. Ps I know this is a five year old post. 


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