My fellow edged devices lovers.  I need the iKC's help.  I am doing a little research for Knives Illustrated which is a bimonthly magazine about knives of all kinds, tomahawks, swords etc.  As a potential reader about firearms, knives, camping and other outdoor related subjects, what would a magazine cover have to have in order to attract you attention to pick it up.  Once the magazine is in your hands, what articles listed on the cover would cause you to open it up and look inside.  What subject matter would cause you to buy this magazine.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  All impute will be reviewed.  My thanks goes out to you all.


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Just my humble opinion. The cover on the left showing the art and beauty of knives has some appeal and would tempt me to have a look. The one on the right with the heading 'Fighter Knives' is a turn-off. I'm a traditional knife bloke so a cover showing knives and axes with a camping, fishing or outdoors context would be much more appealing to me. Articles on modern interpretations of historical or traditional cutlery would be of interest. A past and present theme perhaps. Interviews with current knife makers would also be of interest. You may do this already, I don't know. I hope this helps.


Thanks a million.


The younger campers, hunters, fisherman and firearm enthusiast have lost the older more traditional way of doing things and to reflect back to those ways would interest me. Any more info will cost your magazine. I hope you get what you're looking for.


Thanks for your reply.  I like what you have to say.  Clint

I'd like to see more traditional knives as well.

The world doesn't revolve around tacticals all the time.


This is good stuff.  Thanks.



Although we are traditional also, I have to agree with Smiling-Knife

Articles on modern interpretations of historical or traditional cutlery would be of interest. A past and present theme perhaps. Interviews with current knife makers would also be of interest. 

The past and present theme interests me a lot.  It has a flair for bringing the tactical folks and the traditionals together.  I know the cover of a magazine is a coveted spot for a knife maker and leaving a large tactical with a smaller picture of a traditional on the cover (or visa versa) will attract both

I would like to see more articles on the history of knife patterns and how they became what they are called today, IE Trapper,Muskrat and so forth.

Hi Clint,  I agree with a few of the other folks who touched on more traditional knives...some lovely vintage knives would definitely get my attention.  There are many avid collectors who get goosebumps looking at old Randall's or old Gerber folders with yellow micarta scales.  Sigh.  Sometimes just THINKING of these knives bring on the goosebumps.  So, vintage may be the sweet spot in more than just this girl.  Wishing you great fun with this project!  Michaela

Hey Gerald, thats right, I would love that also. I just love history.

I had a subscription to Knives Illustrated, but I let it laps because I had a lack of interest in what the magazine was about. For tactical knives it was great, but I was lost as a lover of traditional knives. These reviews and stories didn't interest me like I thought they would, it seemed that it was tactical, or custom, neither of which I can afford on a monthly basis. I know the idea of the magazine is to let collectors/users know about the newest things happening in the knife world and the magazine has an awesome way of doing that, but I love a blast from the past.

What gets me right in the knife soul is a good oldtimer's story, one that has been brought down from generation to generation, like a good jack knife. I know there are good stories out there, I have experienced some myself, but  I would love to have more stories available in a magazine. 

If there were more pics and more articles pertaining to traditional knives, you would have me, hook, line and sinker.

Personally, I would like to see more articles about the true handmade knives. The knives that are built by a single man or woman with a forge, a hammer, and a anvil in there own shop. To me, these knives are more interesting because the maker has a personal connection with each and every knife that they build. The articles that teach me more about these knifemakers and there knives usually interest me the most.

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