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Honestly, Is there anyone that don't like at least ONE Case knife?

I can ask anybody I come in contact with and it seems to me that EVERYONE I meet will name at least one Case knife that they like!

With all that they have to offer, it seems to me, that Case has covered all bases when it comes to their perfect knives!

It wont matter your style, blade, handle, size, or any other desire you may have....Case seems to have the knife for you. Great knives and backed by perfect customer service.

This is my newest addition to my Case collection, and I love it!

Is there anything this comany can't do?

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You want to know what is bad, I like it so much I have bought the same knife several times. Some with the CV others without. You might say I am addicted!

Steven Matthew said:

my trapper i picked up today is a yellow handle.......LOL it's been used, used, used.

Steve Hanner said:

I have several Case, but my all time favorite is a yellow handled, CV stockman. I just love that knife and it sneaks into may pocket as often as it can!

Last time I looked I had 22 trappers. Never have carried one though. They sure are pretty to look at.


You have a lot to pick from with Case Trappers Lee. Standard, mini, tiny.....TONS of handle material. It boggles the mind.....if I had a mind.

This topic got me to thinking. My favorite knife is usually the last knife that I bought.  

My favorite knife is the next one I'm gonna buy. Except for the one I'm carrying. Guess what it is.

In 2007 they had a Tested Red Bone Barnboard in 154 CM I have the Toothpick and I know they had other patterns also. They also make a SlimLock with BG-42 steel and you can pick it up for between $165.00 -$300.00. $165.00 would be bone scales.
Alexander Noot said:

Only thing they can't seem to do is put out a knife with a premium steel at a decent price. Only series they have like that is the Case/Bose collab series and they cost around $300. Also happends to be the only series Case that I really like. I owned a Case Backpocket for a while but it wasn't for me.

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