The Need

Similar to my first request, please take a look at this and the other postings I have similar to this one and share with me what you know about it. My goal is to use the information you provide to properly market and sell these knives to get a reasonable sale price while letting the buyer enjoy the full value of the piece.

Western W35 – What I Think I Know About It

This is what I believe to be true so far about this knife:

  • Single letter G for 1983
  • Tang stamped “WESTERN” over “U.S.A.  W35” over “G”
  • Never carried, factory edge

What I want to Know

Based on the bullet info above and judging the best you can from the photos, I would like to know the following:

  • Is my information above correct?
  • Estimate year of knife manufacture – my guess is 1983
  • Are the scales jigged Delrin or Redbone?
  • Blade steel – 440C?
  • What, in your opinion, is the value of the knife?
  • What, in your opinion, is a good sale price?

Please feel free to ask me questions, request additional photos, or whatever in order to assist you in your evaluations. Please also feel free to correct my understandings with additional facts, as I want the best info I can get to support a sale.

I will more than likely offer these on Etsy in my wood craft site with some sort of stand or box to add value to the sale.

Thank you for your comments and assistance – it is greatly appreciated!

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That's great Lars!

If your selling knives can you post a link?

Lars-- Congrats--- You got top dollar for that gem !! Way to go !!

Great request Brian - because you asked, I do not believe this conflicts with the No Soliciting policy. 

When I do sell knives, I sell them through one of these two venues on Etsy:

Renesans Woodcrafts: www.renesanswoodcrafts.etsy.com 

On this sight, I sell my knives along with the knife displays I create. This link is also on my Profile here on iKC.

Renesans Cottage: www.renesanscottage.etsy.com 

This is my wife's vintage wares sight where, as needed, I will sell some of my older pieces. In this case, the knives in my 15 part series 'iKC Member in Need". Not all are posted for sale yet from this series, but soon will be. 

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Well, the E-Bay fakes are selling for between $7 and $30 and the supposed antiques are going for $60 to $125.

Yours looks far too new -- Caveat Emptor boyo!!!

Check out the post by sac troop at Knife Forums


and this one at All About Pocketknives by coffeecup


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