I know many of you are anxiously awaiting a new mobile version of iKC. In preperation for the beta roll out here are a few FAQ's that might help.

Is this going to be available as a downloadable app for iKnife Collector?

This project will ultimately update the current mobile version for iKnife Collector. We're not building downloadable apps for the iPhone, Android, etc. Rather, we're improving the mobile version so nearly all mobile devices will be able to access iKnife Collector much more effectively.

Will the mobile version include "x" feature?

We're going to include as much as we can, but the new mobile interface will not contain every detail of iKC. But, many of the most-used things will be included, like the Activity Feed, Status updates, Forum, Blogs, Photos and Groups etc.

In short, there will be some flexibility in what you see, and it will be a big leap up from what you see now, but there will still be some details that won't make it in our initial version. Of course, more features may be added after the initial release.

Please give it a try and give us some feedback! Thank you!

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with a smart phone you should be able to get what you need thru gmail.com start a web site thru gmail witch is google then with google search go to i knifecollector.com and set it to your gmail.....when people sends a message to iknifecollector it will go to your gmail.....

On a friends iPad"..I like this


I was on a Safari browser on my buddies iPad2.  I really like that the camera is built in, 2 less pieces of equipment (camera and sd card).  The site was fine but I also could not see that toolbar.  I will say, although I can not justify the cost of an iPad2 for just when I am travelling  THAT THING IS SWEET!! (I do not use an iphone because I cant see the screen well enough...too small)

so can someone tell me what the difference between an iPad2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB is (aside from about 300 dollars)?

Jan Carter said:

so can someone tell me what the difference between an iPad2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB is (aside from about 300 dollars)?

The name?

The operating system. And the fact that Samsung supports Flash (which Apple doesn't) and the fact that on the Samsung you can actually acess your files...

For me I'd go with the Samsung every day....and I own an iPad 1 (got it from the bossman). The Android devices are just a lot better in my view.

Thanks Alexander I appreciate the input.  I have heard the same from 2 or 3 folks now.  There are some off brands out there too.  So what I am looking for has a camera, supports android and flash with at least 16GB?

Porbably. Also a Capacative touchscreen. If it doesn't have one of those don't even think about buying it. The other kind is the resistive screens and they're terrible.

What you'd want is wifi, 16 gigs, a dual core processer and a capacative screen.

Best priced I've heard of so far is the Google Nexus tablet. If you can get your hands on one of those you're set.

I'm still having fun with my "el-cheapo" tablet. Another feature to look for is a full sized usb port. That way you can utalize a regular thumb drive.
Capacitive screen is the way to go.
I'm looking at a Samsung Galixy as an up-grade.
So far, I'm pleased with the selection of apps that are available on the Amazon Appstore. I also have access to 2 other appstores that give me more apps than I know what to do with.
Still playing around with different functions, still learning. (Still want to find a way to load pics to iKC though.)

good to know on the full sized post JJ.  I know the iPads never go on sale but I am thinking the galaxy may during the holiday season and since I am in no hurry...just keeping my eyes out

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