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Our 12 Days Of Christmas contest has been generously sponsored by TSA Knives.  

There will be 2 ways to enter.  

1) Post to the discussion for each of the 12 days

2) show us how iKC is celebrating the season in your home or work environment (creative use of hat pins maybe?)

I will open this contest discussion on December 13 and the winners name will be drawn on

December 25th!

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COngrats Charles....WTG

Thank you John.  It looks like her surgery will be in the morning.  The reason they didn't do it today was because she apparently passed a gall stone through her liver.   That made her liver numbers high and they wanted to correct that before surgery.

John McCain said:

Congratulations Charles,my friend !!   BTW, Caren has been and continues to be in my prayers !! 

Congrats Charles! Merry Christmas my friend!

Congrat Charles!!! Woohoooo a better person could have not won this knife,, , !

Thanks everyone for the congratulations.  Although, Peter and Terry, I think there are a lot of better people than me on this site.

Caren came through her surgery just fine.  Hopefully she can come home this evening.  She did have several gall stones.  The doctor gave us four of them in a little jar and said it was a sample.  So I guess it was sample Sample stones! LOL

Charles, glad to hear Caren came through her surgery without any complications. BTW, I happen to agree with Peter and Terry-Good things happen to good people,sometimes !! 

Thank you John.  BTW Caren came home tonight.  And we just finished opening our CHRISTmas presents.

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