I was surfing eBay and couldn't help but wonder if this knife is a fake Case.  None of my Case knives have such a sloppy tang stamp.  The A and E in Case don't line up and the two lightning bolt S's aren't the same.  I thought I would use it as a learning opportunity.  Could you guys (or gals) who are more knowledgeable and experienced  than me take a look and tell me if you think it is fake. 

Here is the link to it.


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It very well could be. The low bidding, might tell you something, too.

In my opinion the main blade looks suspect as well as the stamping. 

Well ...... the "6" matches the handle material .. 2 is the right # of blades .. the "L" indicates the locking mechanism .. the "R" could indicate the bail ..  model # 031 would be this .....

It gets a little funny after that. I could not locate an "H" designation .. assuming I broke down the "LHR" stamping appropriately. It's not an exact match to any of the described model 31's. 
I'm guessing .. at best .. this was put together from parts. 

Worst case .. as Steve noted .. that stamping looks a lil "funny".

And then again .... it could be that very super rare one-off never seen before ..........

Or simply ....... one I'm not aware of.

To me, it appears as if someone has re-struck the blade  That E is the wrong size and the A in Case is actually into the C.  The first X is also interfering with the long tail of the C.    It also looks like some other marking was under that E  I would throw it in the fishy pile and err on the side of being a counterfeit.  I think the best case scenario would be a replacement blade added to a knife. 

I don't have many Case knives but the ones I have with long tail C are very distinct and very clear. and I don't notice any letters that come in contact with the long tail C.  Furthermore, in no circumstance is the E binger than the A and lightning bolt S in Case

It is not real, to many variables.  I believe the blade has been changed out also

From what I can tell, the LHR was made for Case vy Camillus from 1986 until 2006.  In 1990-91 they switched from  CV to Stainless teel blades.  The handles were Jigged Brown Delrin.

Camillus was also making half-hawk electricians knives using the same blades for Klein Tools as a well as Camillus at this time. It wound be very easy for a person with a little know-how  to swap out the half hawk of a Klein knife with that on the Case.  Same basic blade blank.  When you consider how clean the back stamping is on the blade and then look at the from stamping it even seems more suspicious.  But hey, if you can get it for $10 or less it might be a pretty good user.


Have a look at this thread from another forum: 


My $0.02 (based upon the above) says it's probably legit.

The people making tang stamps, should not make any, that represent a known company, except for that company.

That knife is fine. Its a 1998 2 dot long tail C stamp,  as others have noted the 62031 LHR was made on contract by Camillus for Case. How and why would anyone fake a cheap knife like that anyway?

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