So here we are 2015 and we need a knife!!!!  Again, I don't like to just choose one and say this is it.  This is OUR community knife not my personal knife.

As with last year I want 125.00 or below in your hand.  We only run 50 so they need to be in a knife companies production line up we can tie into and make the knife our own.  Not all companies will do this, but most of them will work with us.  

There have been a lot of questions about doing a Fixed Blade this year, I am all for it but we need 50 commitments.  So lets talk it through, what do you think?????

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For the record (like you dont already know from previous years)  I want a barlow.   Heck I want this Barlow

I agree, a Barlow would be an excellent choice. As a runner up a nice Elephant Toe would be my choice.

That barlow looks mighty fine! 

Something a bit more modern maybe? Benchmade Mini Griptillian, $125 154CM steel. D2 add $10, N680 add $15, S30V add $20

Manx, what handles did you choose to get the different colors?

I'm in for what ever is chosen, this year. I've got my iKC Geppetto whittlers, so I'm a happy camper.

Though that Barlow with the Wharncliffe looks mighty fine.

Black on the right, white on left. Thought it would stand out...

You already know what I'm going to suggest... a stag handled sodbuster in either D2 or CPM154 with half stop.

As new on that, are we going to design a knife or just choose one in the market?

Sorry, newbie dude...

Count me in. I will commit to whatever is decided on. I like the barlow in the photo. Will Queen do it?

This is called a gentleman's Barlow. Thin and 3" long fit the pocket nicely. Just a thought to throw out there.

Alex you are fine!

Since we only have 50 made we do have to tie into a knife already being made and make it our own.  We always discuss what the members want to have.

Gary, I would be in for a stag sodbuster also LOL


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