So here we are 2015 and we need a knife!!!!  Again, I don't like to just choose one and say this is it.  This is OUR community knife not my personal knife.

As with last year I want 125.00 or below in your hand.  We only run 50 so they need to be in a knife companies production line up we can tie into and make the knife our own.  Not all companies will do this, but most of them will work with us.  

There have been a lot of questions about doing a Fixed Blade this year, I am all for it but we need 50 commitments.  So lets talk it through, what do you think?????

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I like it... 

Gary Munford said:

You already know what I'm going to suggest... a stag handled sodbuster in either D2 or CPM154 with half stop.

Hey Jan,

I'd be up for a GEC, Tuna or Queen as the makers (if they're interested of course) and would be open to considering other makers too. I saw Benchmade mentioned and that would be fine with me too - although I already have one mini-Griptilian but as long as it has different options I'd be fine with it. A barlow would be ok with me but I'd prefer a clip main or secondary blade. I'd also be very content with a #72 style lockback with a clip blade, a #42 style lockback w/ clip blade, a gunstock w/ clip, a #56 swayback jack with a clip blade, a traditional whittler (I'd like it in Elk, Stag or maybe smooth bone or peachseed jigged bone handles). I'd be fine with a fixed blade too. Is this clear as mud!

I'd love one of these.  I love Barlows too!

Hey all together

I'm more a Swiss Army Knife guy ;-)

but the Barlow looks great to me too especially the one in Jan's picture and I would be in for one.

hmmm... a fixed Bark River, looks greats too, but still mmmmmh  Barlow!!! :)


Hmmmm.  I'm a visual person.

Tes sir thats what I'm talkin bout! That Barlow is a Collectors knife!!

My vote goes to Manx's Benchmade.  I would prefer a regular grind blade in lieu of the tanto blade.

Stanley May

Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said:

Something a bit more modern maybe? Benchmade Mini Griptillian, $125 154CM steel. D2 add $10, N680 add $15, S30V add $20

   I'm not a fixed collector although I have a few I've picked up over the years. I would vote for a fixed blade if it was made by Great Eastern.  


I like a Barlow, preferably without a shield and with IKC engraved on bolster.

As I live in Florida, I prefer stainless blades....sorry!

Laurence R.

  Barlow gets my vote.

I will wait to see if the funds are available before I commit. I like the barlow and the straight pocket carry.

That benchmade is nice....but I don't do American "Tanto" blades.

And the Barlow....only if the price is amazing. I'm wondering though...can't we scale up to 100 pieces? We'd probably get a better price because of it and be able to sell a few more because of the better price.


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