So here we are 2015 and we need a knife!!!!  Again, I don't like to just choose one and say this is it.  This is OUR community knife not my personal knife.

As with last year I want 125.00 or below in your hand.  We only run 50 so they need to be in a knife companies production line up we can tie into and make the knife our own.  Not all companies will do this, but most of them will work with us.  

There have been a lot of questions about doing a Fixed Blade this year, I am all for it but we need 50 commitments.  So lets talk it through, what do you think?????

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you are correct on both sir.. ...

Graeme said:

I would seriously LOOOOOOOOOOVE an Essential with bolsters.  I think that it just might be too expensive for this?

Alexander Noot said:

Much Better on that Benchmade Steve.

Unless the price on the Barlow is REALLY good I'm out on that one.

I'm still pushing for a Bark River Essential in M4 yummy goodness. Bolsters with that one please. I know it's heavier than the bolsterless version but it just looks soooo much nicer.

i apologize i thought we had a price point of 125 or lower ...   call up CANAL ST!

I'm a fixed blade myself or second be barlow just go with it and I'll be good to go

I prefer a small fixed blade ala the Bark River Essential or something like it.  I'm just not a fan of traditional nail nick folders, Barlow or otherwise.  A more modern one hander with a locking blade is OK also.

Please count me in, Barlow. Thanks

I vote Barlow, my second choice would be a Texas Toothpick with nice jigged bone handles,


Being new to iKC I command little power and therefore by "stepping in it" so to say I would like to concur with those recommending a fixed blade. I attach just a teeney - tiny sample of the possibles for consideration by all that are transfixed by the siren's call of the "Bowie".

I would be OK with a two blade  Barlow with an engraved bolster, preferably in carbon steel, but I would be in with whatever is decided upon as long as it is traditional.

Yes ! Barlow

I like the Barlow as pictured.

I'm particularly fond of the combination of a wharncliffe blade with either a clip or spear blade.

If possible, I'd like it to be a minimum of 3 1/2" long, or longer, with either wood or jigged bone scales.

And please, how about D2 steel or better -- no 1095!!!

I like the barlow.



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