So here we are 2015 and we need a knife!!!!  Again, I don't like to just choose one and say this is it.  This is OUR community knife not my personal knife.

As with last year I want 125.00 or below in your hand.  We only run 50 so they need to be in a knife companies production line up we can tie into and make the knife our own.  Not all companies will do this, but most of them will work with us.  

There have been a lot of questions about doing a Fixed Blade this year, I am all for it but we need 50 commitments.  So lets talk it through, what do you think?????

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LOL, I dont think the poll is helping

D2 is ok by me.


I am interested, depending on what the final choice is.  I mostly collect locking folders, but a fixed blade might be a good choice, depending on the design and the cost.

What are the nominations so far?

Jan Carter said:

LOL, I dont think the poll is helping

Well you've got a dandy dart board going...

Polls only work with high numbers of participants. Otherwise you get these kinds of stalemates LOL.

I would seriously LOOOOOOOOOOVE an Essential with bolsters.  I think that it just might be too expensive for this?

Alexander Noot said:

Much Better on that Benchmade Steve.

Unless the price on the Barlow is REALLY good I'm out on that one.

I'm still pushing for a Bark River Essential in M4 yummy goodness. Bolsters with that one please. I know it's heavier than the bolsterless version but it just looks soooo much nicer.

I was hoping the poll would give us some idea as to IF a fixed blade would actually be sell-able 

jan,im in if its a fixed blade...  MICARTA OD-some sorta liner between the steel of the knife and the micarta..go with black or red... ,  one nice size pin.. the other a fatty lanyard-all brass..   flat grind,  FRONT TANG iKC with 2015 underneath...  .... on the BACK TANG ... USA and the steel that is used in some simple setup..  fixed blade skip the etch.. if possible IKC sheath.


I'm a big Ontario fan... :)

I voted "Something Else" but I would be okay with Fixed Blade, Barlow or even Benchmade.  Depending on specifics and price, of course.

Is there an estimated price range we are working in?

Jan Carter said:

On the fixed blades I like the silver stag, Bark River would work with us and I think we could get Ontario to work with us on a fixed or even a more modern blade

I think everything is sellable depending on price. I think you need to find out what the price range is for people, then we know what we're working with!

No particular aversion to a fixed blade, as the club knife. Problem is, while most slip joints follow a set pattern, fixed blades seem too be all over the design spectrum.
That being said, the Bark River M4 looks nice...

Working on that piece Max!  Waiting for companies to get back with me :)


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