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July 4 ~ Mammoth Ivory Wounded Warrior Project Auction!!

As you may have noticed, I haven't held as many Wounded Warrior Project auctions this year as usual.  It's not that I no longer support them because I do more than ever.  Rather than simply raising money by auctioning items off, I've decided to make private donations during the year and also hold the occasional fund raising auction as well.  I don't want folks to get burned out with the never ending auctions and fund raisers.
Since the 4th of July is a major holiday set aside to celebrate honoring not only the country's independence but also recognizing those men and women that made huge and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, it's also a great time to remember our Wounded Warriors.

I've pulled what I hope will be a unique piece that may draw some interest.  Up for bid is a #452112 Interior Mammoth IvorySerial #4. of just 5 knives made.  The price on this knife was just under $500 dollars when it was released in 2012.  There are natural occurring fractures common to Mammoth Ivory that have been stabilized during production.

Same program as usual, pretty simple....... here's the process.  

If you can't or don't wish to bid, pass the information on to a friend.  ALL of the monies raised from the auction go to a great cause supporting our wounded troops.  And if you just can't afford to bid, try to make a donation, of whatever size to the Wounded Warrior Project.    You'll feel good and more importantly, someone else might feel a little better as well.

Good luck and let the bidding begin!!!


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