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I recently picked up a NIB ZT0200 from Dave at kershawguy.com, and at the same time I noticed he had the Hinderer designed Cinder in stock, which I was looking forward to checking out.

The Cinder is a tiny keychain knife/bottle opener, but it is big in what it can cut due to the way Rick designed the knife. It is a liner lock, with a detent ball and all -

The knife has teflon washers and feels solid. It took me a few tries to get the one-handed opening going, just because it is very small and I have XL glove sized hands.

I took the knife apart to check it out, and took a few pictures. These are going for 8-10 dollars. Great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends.

Dave also threw in a TX-Tool - I like it! Thanks Dave!

The Cinder has a one piece integral backspacer and non-lock side liner -

Tough glass-filled nylon with a good texture.

Here is a shot from the Kershaw Page showing the blade open -

And the Kershaw information page -

And finally, to show the size, a shot next to the ZT0200 -

It probably won't be your highest cost purchase this year, but you might want to try out a Cinder. So far I have used it to open boxes and woodpecker suet cakes. Handy little knife and the three finger grip that Rick designed allows for great leverage - this little guy will surprise you at how much you can do with a 1.4" blade.



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I strong-armed Rick into a glamour shot of this knife at Blade. We had a nice discussion about the Cinder, Rick is very proud of the design and was happy to chat about the knife. 



Thank you, LEo! 



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