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I number of you know me from chats on this site, some postings, discussions, or by meeting up in person.  I just wanted to do an "announcement" (and honestly, a little bit of promotion) but also some education and support for a very fine magazine formally known as Knife World, which transformed two years ago into KNIFE Magazine.

KNIFE Magazine is one of the best sources of "paper" cutlery information out there, supported by some fantastic writers, advertisers, photographers and downright fine people.  The June issue, which features a 2 year long project covering the Knives of Von Dutch, was one of the largest, and possibly craziest features the magazine has ever taken on.  I am extremely proud of this article and this magazine, and hope that you will obtain a copy for yourself to enjoy.  Each month the staff, designers and writers work very hard to bring you a quality publication, specifically tuned to folks like us that absolutely love all facets of cutlery - from new to old, inexpensive to downright insane in value, and everything in between.

Its collectors like you and I that keep this great hobby alive.  I hope you'll be able to offer your support through reading and enjoying this fine magazine.  I am biased?  Of course I am!  (ha ha) I've had the privilege of writing for Knife World and now KNIFE Magazine for over 8 years.  But 99% of everyone I have ever met in this business have been the nicest, most sincere and genuine people you will ever come across.  If I can be part of carrying on that great cutlery "tradition" and share some history, whether from the past or in the making, well, its something I can be truly proud of and humbled by at the same time.

I really hope you enjoy the June issue.  If you are not a subscriber or familiar with KNIFE Magazine, I really hope you'll give us a try.  I KNOW you'll like what you see.  Keep on collecting and thank you very much!!!

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1) If you are going to Blade, stop by the table and get one of these magazines!

2) This is a very special edition, the first project of it's kind for a knife magazine that I am aware of

3) Bryan has said it all when he says it is you, the collectors that keep this hobby alive and well

We do not have enough literature out there to just go to the store and pic up a knife mag.  Subscribe, help our writers to continue to research and our magazines to thrive. 

We all know Knife Magazine was Knife World.  Do we all know that this magazine is NOT a mogul, not a conglomerate.  It is A (one) knife collector who was fortunate enough to find a job, career and small business he loves.  Bringing us knife news is what he and the writers do.  Enjoy what they bring us, help that small business continue to bring us enjoyment.

Thanks Jan!  Perfectly said!

Love this magazine!  Always look forward to the mail when it's in the box :)

Thank you Brian!!

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