Looking for some knives so I will post here and see what pops up!

  • Russell Barlows with clear tang stamps and the R on the bolster with the arrow thru it.  Original knives not reconstructions please
  • Russell "Navy" knife with the blade etching clear and clean Russell Navy Knife
  • Other antique American folders and some German.  Tell me what you have from WWI and before


  • Press Buttons One Armed Man's or Civil War Veteran's knife.  No wobbly blade & blade must seat fully please
  • small two-blades with silver handles (like the old Satyr that some people call Old Man Winter)
  • Invincible with a clear clean tang etching
  • Edgemaster Paratrooper with Brass handles
  • Schrades large (4 7/8ths) singles with Buttermilk celluloid handles
  • Schrade Walden small double blade especially sterling handles well carved
  • other American switchblades??, send me your photos!
  • Antique Italian switchblades 1950 or earlier.  Tell me what ya got!

Presto Knife Boxes or Advertisement Cards (or other companies too) that held knives in stores in clean condition

Sounds lke I want evverything....not quite hahah!


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greetings....I just saw a couple knives ...Russell barlows @ AAPk knives...if you are still interested...have a good one

I have 3 Russell Barlows with clear stampings, old knives. I really don't want to sell them. I like them too. I'll try and post some pics soon. Good Knife hunting Lee.

Lee, it's good to hear from you again. That's a told order, that list of vintage knives. I'm on the look out for Vintage German and a few USA knives, all the time. Not easy to find, a lot of time I can't figure the value. If I see something I'll let you know. I don't collect Russells, so I'll look for those the most for you. I've seen some of yours, their great. Right now I have the Kissing Krane Bug...lol

Lee, get in touch with me I found something, you might be interested in. {Russell}.

Please, hurry, if you're interested, Lee.

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