I have a knife that's been in my possession for around 7 years. My grandfather gave it to me at a birthday gift, but he is no longer here to tell me anything about it. It's stamped "Anton Wingen JB Solingen Germany" any info would be awesome, hopefully it is a true collector knife.

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Anton Wingen also made knives under the name Othello

according to http://www.archivingindustry.com/cutlers&toolmakers/cutlermarks...

Othello, head of: (i) Wilhelm Hasselbach, (ii) Anton Wingen Jr

Short Timeline: "Othello" / Anton Wingen Junior / Solingen / Germany
Founded in 1888: Factory for Scissors.
1901-1904: New factory built in Solingen.
1904: Own drop forge. 
During the First World War: Military Supplier.
1924: New factory building.
During the Second World War: Military Supplier.
1997: Resolution of the company.

Remaining stocks of finished goods and semi-finished goods were taken over in 1996 by a small Solingen cutlery manufacturer, named Manfred Schmidt. He used and perhaps still uses the trademark "OTHELLO", mostly in combination with the Trademarks "Maitland" or "Kuno Ritter" or "Ritter". Machines and tools have been exported to Yugoslavia.
In addition to the primary use and widespread brand " OTHELLO " in connection with a human head (at least two different versions), other trademarks were used by the Original company owners, for example: A. W. Jr., Red Point, Prince Regent, Oryx, BLUE DOT.
Since the 1980s, the company Anton Wingen has gradually reduced its own production and has joined italian, scandinavian and also japanese cutlery products.

Anton Wingen Jr., Solingen.

Another of the Solingen-based cutlery manufacturers, the Wingen firm was formed in 1888 to produce table flatware, knives, scissors and razors. 
Registered 11th November 1901, Solingen, Gasstrasse 54.
A.Wingen made many contract knives for American companies.
Wingen, whose premises in Solingen's Gasstrasse are shared with Wilhelm Clauberg AG, have common ownership with the Clauberg firm although both companies operate on independent bases.
In 1920s, Wingen became the owner of Wilhelm Clauberg AG.
From unproved sources, the company was closed in 1988.
The tradenames OTHELLO and ROT PUNKT saw use on commercial wares. http://strazors.com/index.php?id=59&doc=anton_wingen_jr_solingen_

Thank you so much for this info, any idea what it's worth in today's time?

Jared, Look closely- I believe the JB is actually JR for Anton Wingen, Jr.- "Germany" was as a rule not added on Solingen knives until after WWII- These were usually made for export to the USA-- I have found similar examples with the EXTRA HOLLOW GROUND blade etch. Some are marked PIC for Precise Import Co.- Cool knife but not overally valuable- Similar knives are selling in the $50-$100 range, currently. 

Here are some pics of YOUR knife rotated to show the blade etch and sheath markings-

Here are some similar knives on Ebay in the $50- $100 range--

Jared, if you can provide some more detailed pics of the blade markings- both sides- and a good pic of the markings on the sheath I will try and find more info for you~~~I gave you prices on similar knives, there are exceptions to every rule!! Detailed photos will help~~

Here are some more photos

Jared, are there any images or writing on the other side of the blade?- Also would love to see a good image of the embossed image and /or writing on the sheath?? Will help in the identification- Pictures help tremendously in dating and value ---

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