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A new member really has a lot to look at when they first join iKC. There are lots of pictures, videos, discussions, blogs and over 100 different groups. There are events to look at, friends to make, emails to send, on going chat to participate in, pictures to post and I'm sure a few things I'm leaving out.

To better represent what a new member of iKnife Collector should look at we are changing the measurement on our main page from Top Member to Top Content. You as a new member will see exactly what's "hot' right now within iKnife Collector right on our Main page.

We are excited about the change and hope it will be a way for new members to start that transition from new member to contributing member.

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After all this time, here at iKC,  the Main Page is still my FIRST stop when I log in.

Mine also JJ.  Hog, we appreciate that here at iKC we are always looking for ways to improve the collectors experience.  Thanks

Thank you both for your comments. Its a great way to see at a glance what's hot!

If it helps new members start quicker and learn more, I am for it.

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