Hi y'all, Has anyone ever made or seen a folding knife(slip-joint/lockback) with a copper frame instead of brass. I have some copper stock that's the same thickness as the brass used in many folders I've seen, and I've been thinking of trying to make a knife with it. It seems pretty flexible by itself, but so is the brass in the same thickness. I've never made a knife from scratch before, just put custom handles on blanks, but I would like to make one sometime, just wanted to know if using copper has been done before. The copper I have is an alloy, but is supposed to be 90+% pure copper. Thanks in advance, Jesse

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I made a couple of Slip Joint Knives using copper - they turned out nice.
But for collectors - the serious ones? Will want stainless - so that's what i use now.
You can use and make what you like - not a problem? Show some photos when you get them done.
I had some photo's of mine- will see if I can find them???
Take care,
Todd Davison
Thanks for your input. I'm looking forward to making one, but it might be awhile before I actually get to it.
Thanks again, Jesse
BTW Your folders look top-notch! Very sharp!
Just my opinion...
I think copper would be too soft.
If you want to do one, make one for yourself, carry it and use it daily for a year or two.
Then decide if you want to make one & put your name on it and send it out into the world
to represent your abilities for years to come.

Copper makes great spacers on a hiddentang/stacked handle knife (Scagel style).

Hey Paul, Your opinion is a very good one, I think the copper looks very nice & different, but I agree. I think it would make a nice looking knife to sit in somebody's collection, but probably not for a EDC. Thanks for your opinion. I really appreciate it. I think I'll still end up making one or two just for looks, and to say I did. Do you know if there is a copper alloy available that is hard, but still has the same color? They used to make Berylium Copper golf clubs, and those could take a beating, but I don't know how hard they would be in the case of using it for knife parts.
Sharp looking knives you have there. Thanks, Jesse


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