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Some today are telling others, not to say, "Support Our Troops"

Lets show our Support here by remembering those who are/or who have served.

Have you served in the military? What Branch of service, When, and Where served.

Do you have relatives that have served? In what Branch?

or Do you "Support Our Troops".

Even if you have not served, you can "Support Our Troops" in so many ways.

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My two sons have. My oldest in the 4th Fighter interceptor Wing, and my youngest in the 2nd Armored Division......just before they were disbanded.

Here's my youngest son inspecting a enemy tank they just knocked out in the Gulf War '91. His tank is in the background. He was driver at that time for the Company Commander. They received a bunch of medals for their actions supporting the Marines.

My uncle was in the Army WWII, and my father-in-law was in the Seabees during WWII.

My father, bothers, uncles, great uncles, nephews.  We come from a long line of proud military and many branches. I am proud of our troops and always support them.  I believe these folks serve a period of their lives, devoted to us and we owe them nothing less.

My father served in WWII. I tried to join, in 1970 but because, I had a young child and was disabled and my father had served in WWII, and my lottery number was 361. I could not enter the service. I support, our men and women that serve and we must all remember, that they are not responsible, for polotics, that may govern a war. God bless our service, people .

As far as myself, I got married and had a baby right out of High School.......well Cass had the baby. I was planning on going in the Army and being a Helicopter Mechanic before that happened. I was 3A - married with child - and was never called up.

Well Craig, we had a baby early, also, but I was working for the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries and got hurt really bad. No matter, how hard I tried, they would pass, on me.  Bottom, line is I respect, all of our service people, no matter what branch, their in. Bless, all of their hearts.

"Bottom, line is I respect, all of our service people, no matter what branch, their in. Bless, all of their hearts."

I agree 110% Robert!

49 Years ago TODAY I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served on active duty 1964-1968. Vietnam Dec65-Jan67.

Then in 1975 joined The Army National Guard and served from 1975-1994 - serving in many places including Germany, Alaska and Honduras.

I fully support our troops, all our men and women serving right now in uniform around the world, many in harms way.

And I remember all those who didn't make it home, and those who returned wounded. May God Bless our Military and May God Bless America.

One Grandpa in the Air Force the other in the Army during WWII. My dad in the Navy from '68-'98(Sr. Chief), Step-dad in the Navy from '59-'79(Lt. Cmdr).

I was also in the Navy from '88-96. A 8404-Hospital Corpsman attached to select Dept. of the Navy units(Navy/Marine Corp). I left as an E-5(HM2). 

I support our troops.

What kind of people, that don't support our troops? You may disagree with some sort of military action, but you gotta support our troops. Also, when something is promised to them, there should be, no going back, on your promise.

With all the talk about cut backs because of Sequestration causing cutbacks in Vet benefits, I say some certain people in the Government should take less vacations and, how about a cut in pay for Government workers and send it to the Vets? They can't get food to the Vets in the hospitals because of cuts?? Stop spending money studying some dinky Minnow out west, ect, etc.? Or putting Shrimp on treadmills?

I'll get off my soapbox now.......

You Betcha!

I agree, a promise, is a promise. A man's word is what it's all about.

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