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Some today are telling others, not to say, "Support Our Troops"

Lets show our Support here by remembering those who are/or who have served.

Have you served in the military? What Branch of service, When, and Where served.

Do you have relatives that have served? In what Branch?

or Do you "Support Our Troops".

Even if you have not served, you can "Support Our Troops" in so many ways.

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I served in the Marine Corps for 9 years from June 2000 to July 2009. I spent a lot of time in North Carolina, but I did a tour in the Persian Gulf in 2003. I was also part of a MEU that evacuated the U.S. Embassies in Liberia during their Civil War in the same year.


Thank you Bryan, your service is appreciated!!

Bryan, Semper Fi Brother, thank you for your service.

Reply by Ken Spielvogel on August 27, 2013 at 4:46

49 Years ago TODAY I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served on active duty 1964-1968. Vietnam Dec65-Jan67.

Ken, we overlapped a good bit. First day (actually night, LOL) of boot camp was 28 June 1962 -- MCRD San Diego Platoon 145.

Port Hueneme (Oxnard CA) Seabee base for Construction Electrician School

29 Palms - Charlie Battery 2nd LAAM Bn - MOS 1141 Electrician (generator operator Ugh!)

MCRD San Diego for Basic Electronics and Radar Fundamentals school

Ft. Bliss TX for HAWK C.W. Radar school

MCAS Cherry Point - Bravo Battery 3rd LAAM Bn  MOS 2212 and then it was changed to 5912

Rota Spain on Operation Steel Pike

Vieques Island P.R. for a two week firing exercise

31 August 1965 - Da Nang Viet Nam - Alpha Battery 1st LAAM Bn

5 Nov. 1965 - Monkey Mountain Da Nang Viet Nam - Bravo Battery 1st LAAM Bn

22 August 1966 - Freedom Bird to the land of The Big PX ( with a five day stop on Okinawa)

9 Sept. 1966 - MCAS El Toro CA - Released from active duty

I'm proud of my service in the Marine Corps and would do it all over again in a heartbeat but I get to be 17 years old again.

By Rob (whitebuffalo58) in S.W. Missouri.

By Dale Vincent (orvet) in Oregon.

Semper Fi Jerry

Ken and Jerry, thanks for your service.

Till I die.
 Ken Spielvogel said:

Semper Fi Jerry

Army 1980-1986

United States Air Force 1979-2001
Pease Air Force Base, NH until 1984
Kunsan Air Base, South Korea until 1985
Langley Air Force Base 1990
Persian Gulf, Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm until 1991
Langley Air Force Base until 1997
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal until 2000
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming until 2001

I too would do it all over again. Thank you to all of the Veterans, Past, Present & Future!


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