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I found this knife at a local estate sale. I was hoping some of you could tell me a little about it. I’m most curious about approximate age, what the handle is made of, and where it was made. The overall length is 8” with a 4” blade. It’s pretry heavy for its size - feels like tool steel to me. The sheath is obviously not original, but it’s pretty nice. It really caught my eye - love it already! Thanks in advance.

PS: I’m hoping I can figure out how to post a pic.

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Just above the box you type in, upper left.  2nd Icon is to add a pic

I put a picture in the photos section, but I can’t seem to attach to this discussion? Maybe I should do this from a computer instead of my phone...



Barry, here is some basic info I captured at the AG Russell site

Harry Morseth began making knives by hand around 1925 using A-2 tool steel that he shaped, ground and heat-treated himself. Shortly after World War II he made a trip to his father's native Norway and bought a thousand rough ground, laminated blades. Harry finish ground those blades and turned them into handmade knives. Those blades were heat-treated to 60+ Rc. and they held an edge to such a remarkable degree that Harry was able to build a reputation that kept he and his wife (she laced the sheaths) busy until their deaths in old age

Now there were actually 2 of them and you can see that info here


Thanks. I looked at a lot of the general info on the maker. I was hoping someone could tell me what generation of the history this particular knife came from. Original? His son? It looks like the modern knives are dated, so I don’t think it’s exntly made. I didn’t know if this particular style was made in a certain time period or what. 

Awesome find !

The handle material is bone. 

AG Russell may be able to tell you if it was produced by Morseth or son.  The issue lies in the fact that MANY were sold off as kits and could have been put together by anyone

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