I've seen over the years various charts ranking "the most popular brands" for certain time periods, but recognized these ranking are actually very subjective to each collector's own preferences.

So, let me ask you- what are your favorite knife brands?

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I love Parkers. I have a modest but fast-growing collection of Parker/Frost/Eagle Brand/Imai/Schrade/Case knives from the same makers.
Western, Older Case, and oh yea! Western
Yes I have recently become interested in Parker Knives. Have collected several and have a few contract knives. ( I think). I really like the number of different knives produced byParker.
I just won a really nice early eighties Parker tanto. The guy had like 6 or 7 of them, all different.
Great who was the seller? I have a few knives that I swear are parkers but they have other markings. Do you know if Parker made knives for UNITED? Also have a Warrior lockback marked National Brands Japan.
Cattaraugus is my favorite !!!

Will always look twice @ a Knifolks, Marble's, Wade & Butcher, Utica, Robeson, Case, Western, Miller Bros., ...
Hi All, I'm new here and not real used to this kind of corresponding but, here goes! My favorite brands of vintage knives are any U.S. made knives but, mostly Frontier's of any style but, my most favorite is the Frontier two blade folding Hunter! I have a bunch of different styles from this company! Also any of the Schrade styles when they were made in the U.S. of A. Some of the other companies and brands named here, I have never heard of before but, I have only really been collecting knives for about six or seven years now! I will have to check out some of these names.
Looks like you guy's kinda touched on all of them exept I don't think I see the old schrade waldens, there was quit a few schrades are what about Boker USA... I love the Cattaraugus bones and stags, I do have a Catt. ebony swell center whittler that I'll never turn loose of. I like some of the old ebony knives and I find that I like them most on the old jacks... I like a lot of rare ones to. This is off the subject but couple of  months ago I picked up an old German Anton Wingen Jr at  old junk fle market for $4.75   I beleive with it's condition it's value is around $250.00 - $275.00 --- Challenge, Union Razor, and some I posted in 2010.. I like the old parker brands, when someone say's parker knives to me you no how many brands go through my mind.. He was great.. I have some of doings Parkers  -- case classics-blue grass -- Bulldog -- Parker Edwards I like the damascus on these. -- Frost -- Eagle Brand -- Schrade -- I can go on and on.. Look at Blue Grass to from way back till now.. I'm gona stop, I love all this stuff...
One more thang.. I buy lot's of Parker knives because of their quality and on ebay they are very underestimated.. I beleive it's because so many people don't know any better..  Like some of the Parker Japan knives, people will shy away from them and I'm right behind them to pick it up..   I'll through one more thang out there ( SEKI JAPAN ) Big difference than most knives that have japan on them today.. Seki Japan was  forging and doing cutlery before America was discoverd...

I like to hunt for old Pal Cutlery knives.  There are many available but often the condition is not good.


I'm not totally sure but, I think Schrade is who made Frontier knives way back in the old days! I don't know that much about them or the company but they look like a Schrade product! I have bought just about every style that Frontier put out, and there is not one of them that I don't love! I just love large knives, and especially the five and one-quarter inch one or two blade folding Hunters! I also bought a lot of Schrade knives, luckily, before they closed their doors!  Before that I had never heard of them! About the only knives I had ever heard of was Case! Now when I go to the flea markets, and there is a table full of Case knives, I'm just looking around to see if the person has anything other than Case! I think I bought the last Case knife, when I bought the last two blade folding hunter with a jigged wooden handle! Luckily, I got one of the last Cold Steel carbon blade, two blade 5-1/4 inch folding hunters just before they quit making them! When it comes to production knives, I have to say Frontier, Walden's, Schrade, and Schrade/Walden's rank in the top, in my opinion!  We all know about opinions! Although, I don't think I have ever seen any knife, that I can say that I didn't like to one degree or the other! Now when it comes to custom knives, that is a totally different thing! I only buy JK Handmade Knives now days! Those are my favorite knives! JK has never made a knife that I didn't want to take home with me! I love everyone he makes! It's real hard to buy production knives, after you have bought a JK, and had time to play with it out in the woods for awhile! Got to go, later guys!  Tom


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