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If you find yourself buying & carrying Leatherman, SOG, Gerber, Swiss Army, Swiss-Tech, Atwood, or other types of multi-tools than this is the club for you!

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Comment by björn thompson on February 24, 2012

well if my wife would get me another one i sure wouldn´t complain.:-) but yes it´s just a tad to big for EDC i think, although i love it when we are out in the woods. the saws great and the knife is just about right and that their on the outside is superb hate the SAK type deal with everything on the inside. but yes i would love a juice s2

Comment by björn thompson on February 24, 2012

and BTW linda, aint it you thats always going on about every task needs its own tool

Comment by Linda Thompson on February 24, 2012

JJ: I don't. I just want two or three more. :-)

Comment by björn thompson on February 24, 2012

see why i  love this woman :-)

Comment by Linda Thompson on February 24, 2012

Yes, Björn. You are right. You really need one tool for every occasion. And if my husband gave me a Surge for my birthay, he just might get a squirt for his.

Comment by Railsplitter on March 10, 2012

Howdy folks.  I just joined this group today.  I am not a collector of multitools  and I currently only own a SAK Deluxe Tinker and a Leatherman Squirt.

I have a Charge TTI on the way.  Should be here on Monday.  I would not be offended if someone would tell me how much I'm going to like it. :-)

Comment by björn thompson on March 10, 2012

charge TTI is awesome, a fondle it a couple of times a week at work but can´t afford it right now. i got the wave though whick is more or less the same just cheaper blade and without the scales. love those scales BTW, makes it way more comfortable, think you will really enjoy it!

Comment by Railsplitter on March 10, 2012

Thanks, folks.  It's good to hear the positive comments.  I did get the bit kit with it but I plan to start off carrying the Charge clipped inside my back pocket.  I really don't have anywhere to carry the bit kit since I am not going to use the belt pouch at first.  

I don't really like belt pouches or sheaths so if the pocket clip method isn't right for me I will probably just keep the Charge and bit kit in my glovebox.  Would really like to carry it though.

Comment by björn thompson on March 10, 2012

i dont know if i got a pear or what but when i used my bit kit it stripped, 3 of my bits got stripped down. a bit annoyed about that actually.

the charge i somewhat big so think it depends how awkward you get carrying it in your pocket, i wear my wave in my front dedicated pocket in my 5.11 taclite pro pants, think its a mag pocket its intended to be, you get used to the weight i think

Comment by björn thompson on March 12, 2012

hi all, quick question, i am thinking about getting the supertool 300, but i am a bit concerned about having all the stuff on the inside of the tool. thing is i want the sheath (molle) for my wave and it would only cost me 20 dollars more to get the whole tool compared to just getting the sheath, is it worth it? what are your thoughts on the supertool 300?

Comment by Jan Carter on September 16, 2012

I really like the sheath but one of the things that interests me about the knife is the replaceable parts

Comment by Steve Hanner on February 1, 2013

I just happened to see that Gerber has a great price on a Flik, Just 29.00 ar SMKW,com That sure looks like a good one to add to the tackle box for spring.


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