It is nearing that time of year again.  Figured I would give everyone a heads up that I will again be doing a Christmas giveaway ... with a special knife.

So ... mark your calendars and check back on 18 November for the details.  The only stipulation for entry is that the giveaway will be open to those who have been members for at least 6 months prior to the start of the giveaway (joined on or before 18 May 2022).

***Christmas GAW over ***

Winner is Jack Walker!  See my

announcement post below.

Okay .... it's that time. I have opened my Christmas 2022 GAW.  For complete details and instructions on how to enter, just go to this page on my web site.  Please note that my site does not lend itself very well for viewing on mobile devices ... so it is best to view on a computer!  If you can’t, here are the quick and dirty details with enough info to let you enter from this page):

1.  This GAW is open to all iKC members who joined on or prior to 18 May 2022.

2.  To enter the GAW, just submit an email using the information below under HOW TO ENTEROnly submit ONE email

3.  Last day for submission is December 3rd, 2022.  I will use Random.org to select the winner.  Each entry will be numbered based on its order of receipt in my mail box.  I will select the winner on December 4th, 2022 and email the winner on that date.  If I do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours, I will select another (so be sure to check your email the evening of 4 December, or shortly thereafter).

4.  While I will not hold anyone to the following, I would request that:  1) the winner post a photo of him/herself with the knife on iKC and 2) if the winner decides to sell the knife at some point, he/she consider donating a portion of the proceeds to either his/her local animal shelter or the Sloth Sanctuary


Send me an email using this THIS LINK.  Using this link should correctly auto fill the subject line.  In the body of your message, include your name AND iKC user name.   If this link does not work or does not auto fill the subject line (might happen if your browser is not configured properly with an email handler), you can email me directly at dhibar@verizon.net AND make sure you put IKCGAW (ALL CAPS) in the subject line.  Just IKCGAW, nothing else.  This will filter the message to a hold mail box to make it easier for me to keep track of the receipt times.  Remember, in the body of your message, include your name and iKC user name.  Again .... only submit one emailDeadline for submission is 3 December 2022.

Here we go ......

The winner gets this custom pocket knife:

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***Christmas GAW is now OPEN!***

Oh my goodness is that knife beautiful!

Thank you so very much for being so generous, offering this up, and organizing this event!

I will sending you an email in a bit for my entry.

Thanks again!

Dennis,  your Christmas GAWs seem to get more beautiful each year.

Thanks for your most generous contribution to iKC, not only at Christmas time but all year long. 

This year .... it's all about the wood.  York Gum burl .... yum!!!


Oh this is exciting....I submitted 27 emails! (Not!)

Thanks Santa Dennis! Always great fun.

Thank you once again for a wonderful opportunity Mr. Hibar.

I hope you didn't get too much of that record snow up your way. 




Carl Rechsteiner

Very Gracious of you. Have a blessed Christmas!

That wood is beyond stunning! Thank you for all your wonderful efforts in the community Dennis. What an amazing GAW.

Have a safe and blessed Christmas!

A winner has been chosen.  Winner is Jack Walker.  Have received confirmation from Jack and his knife will be on the way to him next week. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Jack, and thanks Dennis for your generosity. 

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