1. Load a profile picture and make some friends
2 .Answer discussions or post questions if you have them
3. Join some groups and if you have a question Post it
4. Join us in chat usually in the evening sometimes there are good discussions on knives.
5. Finally look at the Media tab at the top and click pictures and start looking and commenting on ones you like.

Well there you go a five step action plan to get involved with iKC! Any questions, please let me know! Steve

My thanks to new member Mike S, who asked this question! Oh and one more thing..not sure how we run iKC? Read a copy of the rules! http://www.iknifecollector.com/page/rules-1

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You bet we can Mike, happy to help. If you have never heard of him, his name is John McCain and yes he answers knife and other questions! 
Mike Duprey said:

 Hello All, myself and my boys have been collecting different knifes and ax heads for years trying to get good ones when we could, but got lots of different stuff, so I hope you folks may be able to answers some questions , about what we may have ,,,,,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thank you for the add!
Thanks for adding me.
Thank you so much

Excellent point, thanks for the initial direction


Thanks for the Add, If anyone is interested I Will be posting some of Benchmark Knifes , They are a part of my personal collection and all are new , with bag and box and all are numbered. I will start posting each one with description and pictures soon. Thanks again
Great ! Let me know if you need any info.

Thanks for letting me join the group. I collect custom kitchen knives and Buck 110's too. If anybody see's my wife please do not share my passion for continuing to getting new knives. I am allready in the dog house.

Thanks Steve!

Thanks for the addition to your group. Everyone is so inviting and nice. I can tell this is a tight knit accepting group of folks ! I appreciate it. I live south of Houston, Texas. I am retired and my hobby is “not working” LOL. I have a few Kershaw, Benchmade, Case and SAK Knives and a few Heinz 57’s.

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