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Just got this tiny single blade folder and cant seem to find much solid detailed info on it. Thinking the idea behind it was for it to be small and convenient like for a keychain while retaining the functionality required for things bigger knives would be used for. I know enough about vintage knives to know the basics about this knife for example, its an Imperial, the hole in the end is for a ring that a ball chain goes on and looking at it , if i had to guess its age id say its gota be late 40s at the very earliest but leaning more towards early to mid 50s. Seems to be a fairly hard to find piece but i get the feeling that even if it is rare, it may not be real a very desirable knife from a collectors stand point and probably isnt a very valuable piece which is fine with me cuz its not for sale anyways. I do a heck of alot more buying and keeping than i do selling cuz if i sell my stuff to someone that means i dont have it anymore and even though i do like money, i like my good stuff much more LOL.   Anyways though, any more information on this neat little folder would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I do believe you know about all there is to know about this little gem.  They were novelty knives made in very large numbers.  Because the materials they used were not of the highest quality more blades lived through use than handles and frames did.  I think I have a couple of them around somewhere with different handle material.  Use it, enjoy it, put a bail back on it and hang it on a key chain.

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