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I'm getting hungry....what you serving on Mothers Day? I bring my clan...we eat a bunch but needs to be cheap :)

"Guess that Mess", looks like it's right up your alley.
I'll do the Bag'n Gag, hoping it is something I can stomach anyway. It'd be at least 50/50
An older man and woman were on the way to Greenville ,
NC and stopped at McDonalds in Farmville just off of 264
East bypass last Saturday and did not know that they
hit this deer!! Someone in McDonalds had to tell them ....
the old man said he noticed that the car was starting to
run a little hot the last few miles

RUNNING HOT....gee do ya think? Gee, I sure hate it when some "Greenhorn" tries to cook their own fresh road kill.
That is unbelievable. Maybe they are trying to keep it warm til they got home.
Could be. Trouble is that one side gets over-cooked, other is too rare. That's why you should leave yer roadkill cooking to experienced cooks, at least invest in a good cookbook...

I already told you I can't eat anything today, but I'm 'bout to go against the Dr's orders and order a triple decker road-kill burger, large chocolate shake, fries, diet coke and chocolate pie.
This'll really clog your arteries.

If I ate that burger I may not have to snack between meals.Does it come as a platter?
Takes a platter just to get it, by itself, out to the tables. Onion rings and fries come on another.

Why don' ya worry none, We fix ya up rite.

You want 'em sliced, diced or whole ?


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