As always, first I want to thank TSA knives for the opportunity to give one of these away to a member here at iKC!

see the full size pic here

As fall sets in, I love to see how folks appreciate it.  I think it is appropriate for this knife based on the story of how they came about and how the handle materials were chosen...so here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

1) take a photo showing fall in your area, or wherever you happen to be

2) there MUST be a knife in the pic

3) extra ticket if iKC is in your pic

4) extra ticket if you carve a pumpkin for us

5) all entries must be posted in this discussion

The contest runs until October 31, 2015 at the witching hour (midnight eastern time)

Enter as often as you would like and HAVE SOME FUN!!!


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Bill Fletcher!  I LOVE the ole jack shield!  That is one fitting setting for that one
Bill Fletcher said:

Great Eastern Company, Northfield, Ole Jack - Ben Hogan, Copperhead Scales, 651112, 1 of 25

GEC Northfield, Ole Jack - Ben Hogan, Copperhead Scales, 651112, 1 of 25 (4)

Everyone click on this photo and take a closer look, that is one heck of knife!

Bryan W said:

Hi Everyone

One of my favorites "carry's" - a classic Ulster bone handled jack knife I refurbished years ago.  Still takes a nice edge...


It does indeed! and fall in the south means football and hunting!
Charles Sample said:

I hope this picture is acceptable for showing fall in my area.  After all what is more indicative of fall to us good ole southern boys than hunting season!  And the picture definitely has a great knife in it.  Since that is the iKC calendar, does this picture get me two entries in the contest?

Well Jeremy it seems Fall has sprung up in your area also!

OK, here goes.  How many remember this iKC knife?  Too bad I didn't carve the letters into the pumpkin, they are just written.

Here is the iKC Colonel Coon in front of a photo taken down by the river this morning.

Unfortunately, this Fall included a large grass fire north of town.  Thirteen houses were burnt, and a lot of fences.  The black buffalo horn kind of goes with the charred fence poles.

Again, this is down by the river this morning and one from up on the mountain last week.

Impressive Rusty!  From the oldest to the newest with only a few missing in between!  I have to agree you have matched up the appropriate knives with the photos


Like us you have some with no leaves, some with color and some that think it is June LOL

Rusty that shot at the site of the fire with the buffalo horn is a fabulous photo.

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