Hey guys, a good friend of mine from another forum sent me an Opinel to try out. He knows I'm a big GEC fan, but he wanted me to experience an Opinel. They are a different bread of knife, but they have earned their spot in the knife world.

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So far I have enjoyed mine. I envision and old french farmer pulling a beat up Opinel out of his pocket to peal an apple, or to complete some simple cutting chore.

If you have one, please share it.

Here's mine.  I modified it into a carving knife.

Johnny, The company I use to insulate the motels we build use these for cutting the insulation. They also carry sharpening stones with them to keep them razor sharp. It only takes a few strokes for the knife to be sharpened. They are sold on those knives.

Seems to be to be quiet a nitch they have.  People that use them seem to love them but not too many people use them.  I don't know if it is the old fashioned look they have or what.  Donnie is in the group that loves 'em and I really enjoy the look (I have to admit )I have never used one :(  

Got to be careful using them, Jan.  With the handle the way it is, if it gets wet, it'll swell, and the carbon blade turns very easily. 

It's a super knife to be able to drop in your pocket though.  Very light and sharpens up great.

JJ, that is for sure.

The blade will take a wicked edge with a just a little care involved. It's a great, affordable working knife. I think it would last for me, but I'm not sure how long I'll use it over another knife. I love that they have so many to choose from, so picking the perfect model wouldn't be so hard.

Billy, the steel seems to cut and cut and when it's time to renew that edge, it takes but a few seconds of care. 

Jan, does Donnie have one now?

I'd love to see it if he does. 


We don't own one now, or if we do it's in the work trailer somewhere!  I am thinking of getting one for the gardening work though.  They do make a great pruner type that is not as expensive as a traditional pruner.


Thanks for the heads up, I will consider that when I am looking at them

Here are mine, a no. 8 from the mid 1980's and a no. 6 from this year. Some things just dont change. 

JJ mentioned the fact that the handle swells when wet and this is true , also it shrinks when dry and the blade swings out very easily , too easily on mine as it doesn't lock shut .  I am trying to ease the problem by having soaked the knife for a month , yes four weeks I am obsessive I admit , in Danish Oil to try to fill the wood up a bit like stabilising I guess . So far so good only a couple of weeks later but the knife seems less volatile in it's reaction to dampness , and I do live in a damp climate .

Here is my only Opinel, a no. 5.  It got it at SMKW.

I am going to be picking one up our next trip to smkw also.  John, let me know how the 4 weeks soaking works on this one please

Opinel have a rather good website that may be of interest,



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