Our winning donor will get the following, a unique custom knife. ROUND 2

Our Community is absolutely free to our members and I intend that it will always be that way. I refuse to implement pages you have to pay to enter.  But, donations are always accepted.

Something that has been happening on some of the social media these days is games.  For those of you that do not utilize those types of pages, they are a great and fun way to raise some funds and give everyone an option to own a particular knife.  We cannot actually do a raffle, they come under some weird heading in internet rulings. What we can do is recognize each person donating.


So how this works is that there will be 30 slots open to donate into in this game.  Each slot represents a donation of 10.00 USD to iKC.   Post what numbers in the game you would like your name to be attached to and I will fill them in.  When all 30 pieces have been played, I will use Random.org (and film it for your viewing) to choose the winner of our game.

Our winning donor will get the following, a unique knife. 

Many of you were here in 2013 when a custom knife maker approached us and asked us to be our club knife maker that year.  VERY long story short, the maker did not honor his commitment and Queen stepped in to build us a one off mountain man (Thank you Queen) But 5 of the knives WERE actually produced and have been sitting in my safe.  If you have been watching me lately, I have trying to make sure some things come out of the collectors safes, mine included, and become available to more collectors.  So I am going to offer one of those out to iKC members only.

A canoe pattern. The body and bolsters are milled 416 and the blade is 154CPM, with a 1/2 stop.  It is 3 5/8 closed and it is a Stag Cut Red Bone.  These 5 are the only knives ever made with an iKC tang stamp and the only customs ever made for this community.

Let the game begin and Thank You, to all our members, for all you do to support your community.

1 Elbin Bunnell

2 Elbin Bunnell

3 David Mobley

4 Martin Desax

5 Elbin Bunnell

6 J J Smith

7 Paul Bishop

8 Elbin Bunnell

9 Andy Larrison

10 Elbin Bunell 

11 Jim Liles

12 Terry Pitts

13 Ron Cooper

14 Clint Thompson

15 Elbin Bunnell

16 Martin Desax

17 Paul Bishop

18 Warren Strout

19 Alecsknives

20 Rusty Halsey

21 Elbin Bunnell

22 Rusty Halsey

23 Rusty Halsey

24 Elbin Bunnell

25 Billy Oneal

26 Bill Fletcher

27 Elbin Bunnell

28 Elbin Bunnell

29 Paul Bishop

30 Jim Liles

31 Tracey Greentree

32 Warren Strout

33 Warren Strout

34 Warren Strout

The donation link is here

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Well we had enough interest generated to go one more round.  Thank you all, you don't know what it means to us that you are willing to donate and assist with the costs here

I'm in

Thanks for the opportunity, Jan  :-)  I would like number 26.  Best regards,  Bill

Jan, I'll take number 13

Elbin, what number do you want?

elbin bunnell sr said:

I'm in

I'll take numbers 7, 17 and 29 if they're still available. If any of these three numbers is not available, I'll take the closest one to any unavailable number.

Paul, all your numbers are available

Thank you Ron, Bill and Paul!

   Jan do I donate first or pick a number.    Terry

Terry either way is fine

Terry Pitts said:

   Jan do I donate first or pick a number.    Terry

   Give me #12 if its open.

you got it Terry!!

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