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I want to see if there are any unusual or ingenious ways of using paracord within the knife realm or related areas (ie - bushcrafting, survival, sheath making, etc.) Let's see your ideas. I have used it for some of the more well known uses, but would like to try something different. 

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Here was my first try at it.

I really like this one Jeremy!

Jeremy B. Buchanan said:

Here was my first try at it.

How about a hatband?

That is a great idea J.J. I can honestly say that I have never seen one before. I'll bet that takes a few feet of paracord to make one of those.  Sure looks nice on there though.

I like the hatband.  Hog had a discussion on here about making a watch band with it also

!!! .. very very useful schtuff .. !!!


.. braided pull for luigi's hatchback ..

.. landyard on the Russell med barlow lockback  ..

..100 ft in the car ..

.. part of the gate latch ..

abrasion resistant .. strong .. wonderful schtuff

source .. 80 colors/patterns .. under $0.04 per foot

All great uses Dale. Great price on that website as well. 

A picture of my Izula with orange and black paracord wrap.  Because, what else would you do with paracord?

Very nice Data! I need to do that one of these days (get a knife like that and wrap it). 

Oh, I also use paracord as laces in my bike boots, but who wants to see a picture of boots?

Stormdranes blog is a great source for paracord crafts.

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