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Hi Ken. Thanks again.


In response to your previous question, in the 1800s and early 1900s corkscrews were used for opening all sorts of bottles (perfume, medicine, chemicals etc.) in addition to beer, wine, soda etc. The former group required a much smaller corkscrew and were often found on small ladies/gents knives... but that's another topic.
Ken Spielvogel said:

I have often wondered: What good is a corkscrew? Isn't it to open wine bottles? What else? Seems like it would just get caught on everything it came into contact with.   Doesn't seem like a Scout or a Camper would have much use for one.

About corkscrews:

Until around the mid 1920s Corks remained the most popular way to cap a bottle.  Even today, corks remain the best way to close a wine bottle. And despite the rampant use of twist off caps for wine in America, most of the  world still uses corks for wine bottles.

The British water canteen used a cork stopper until well into the 1950s.  Early Boy Scout canteens also used a cork stopper.  Of course these were simple "pull corks" so there was need need for a corkscrew.

No doubt the corkscrew is there for wine bottles but they are also used to remove cotton from medicine bottles and for untying knots.  Many people swear by the Victorinox corkscrew for untying knots in shoe laces.

I've also heard of them being used to screw into tree limbs and ceiling post so one can use the knife as a convenient hanger

Strangely, the Boy Scouts may not have put cork screws on their knives but the German Army had one on theirs for in the 1960s-1980s. And as I always had a P-38 on me anyway, the GAK was a better pocket carry for me than the Camillus Mil-K knife.


Thanks guys, for all the info. I am just getting into Scout knives and I find them rich in history. So many, from so many different countries.

A French knife from the 1950s with knice hunting scenes.

Very interesting - thanks Smiling Knife and Tobias - again, you learn something new everyday if you just listen to those who know.

My only Fish Knife - Reads: Imperial - Prov USA on front of main blade and 2170537-P-2201782 on back of main blade. Wonder what all those numbers mean? This knife was in rough shape - still is really - I worked on it a little bit.

Nice one Ken.

I keep looking for one with the fish shield but the bid keeps going higher than I'm willing to spend or the knife is in too bad of shape for likng.

I've got a couple fish knives.  However, the only one's I have with a Fish Shiled aren't really Fish knivesAt least the toothpick is close to a fish knife.

Remember these: They must've been around 75 cents back in the day.  considering inflation, I probably lost money when I paid $5 for it but it is still sharp as a tack and in great operating order.  Pretty cool for a throw away fish knife

This one is just stamped Made in USA.  They were sold on cardboard displays in bait shops everywhere. Moost are probably rusted shut in forgotten tackle boxes or at the bottom of a lake somewhere.

My only fishing knife.

Tobias, that is a neat knife, I've never seen one like that before.

Smiling Knife - I never saw one like that either, guess I haven't been around that much.

Thanks Ken. There's one more attachment that wasn't shown in the previous post.... file/fishhook remover

Remington Camp Knife


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