Pictures and videos of the best quality is a good thing.  I would appreciate ways to post the best way.  I have started using photobucket in the last week and am up to speed enough to be really clumsy.  I was able to post  a video here but people need to click a link to watch it.  Isn't it possible to have the video with a triangle (play button) in a post like a picture?  I think photobucket looks good with it's features but for now I just am concerned with getting pics and videos on the forum in the best quality as well as making it as easy as possible for me.  Any suggestions are appreciated.


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If there is alreadya place to get this info please let me know where it is.  Thanks.

To post pictures in a discussion you can copy the photo and paste in the body. If the picture is on your computer you can place your cursor on the image of the screen(it will say image) click that and it opens a browse screen on your computer. Now assuming you know where your pictures are select the one you want and click open. It will place the picture in the discussion box. After or before you can add text. (watch for placement of your cursor).

Videos are placed on the Main Page, in Our video section. They need to come from a source like YouTube or Vimeo and require the embed code. 

Thanks for asking and if anyone else needs help we can walk you through the steps to post!

If you want other help click Links up at the top of iKC. Clicking on the Links tab will open a page and the click on All Pages About 3-5 pages in... is help : http://www.iknifecollector.com/page/page/list?page=4

Now having said that I have had the good intention of rewriting that page for about 2 years now. Its kind of "original" now. Between my explanation and the "help" you might get the idea.

I will say on pictures I prefer the actual picture to a link to photobucket or eBay or whatever. On Video we try to get originals as copies of something posted work, but they don't show the first frame. Hence you see their idea of "advertising," which is the YouTube screen.

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