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Just recently a friend of mine was cleaning his late brothers house and he

told me he had several knives that he had found and he would bring them to me.

Well here is a picture of just the tactical portion.  I do not know how I will ever

repay him.  There was also a MOD sheath knife in the bunch.

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Holy smokes!! I need to go out and find friends like that!! Awesome score, Rome. If you need somewhere to "store" the right hand side of that picture, Just let me know! LOL. Can't have autos in Canada. Congrats on the new additions!


Whoa I need to hang out with better people I guess.  HA!


Now that is a friend!

I really have not figured out how I am going to repay him, but I will find someway.

The rest of the box that he gave me included 3 Case bowie knives, 2 NIB, 1 Hen&Rooster Stag Bowie, 2 Buck

sheath knives, 1 Old Timer and 1 Japanese Copy of a Ka-Bar. There was also a Masters of Defense

Sheath Knife.

There were another 35 traditional folders including Case, Buck, Hen & Rooster, Puma, Schrade, Western

and a couple I have not identified yet.

I have to say it is one of the best gifts I have ever received and I told him when he gave them to me that some

of them were worth good money and offered to buy them but he said that he did not want the knives .  Then he

quoted the old wives tale that if you sell a friend a knife it will sever the friendship.  I am really blessed to

have him as a friend.

To counter any bad luck I did make him take a shiny new penny for good luck.

Good work Rome!  A penny is a wise investment when someone is gifting you a knife, never want to lose a friend that thinks so highly of you!

What a generous gift! 

Wow!! Whatta great friend you have!


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