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I have recently been having trouble with the axis lock on my newer benchmade knives. with in several weeks of getting & using them an Omega spring would break. This happened on all three of my models.  Has anybody else had issues with this?

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Wells; I've never experienced any kind of Axis Lock failures or parts breakage. I only have 3 Benchmades that have been produced in 2010 (an Onslaught and a couple of the Axis Bone Collectors), but no problem with any thus far. Have you contacted Benchmade? Historically, they are very good about warranting their products.
Never an issue. I have had my 940 Osborne since September 2008. Use it every day.

First time I have ever heard of any problems with the axis lock. All my benchmades are flawless in every detail..

......... perhaps .. knock-offs .. perhaps .........


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