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This brand is almost 350 years old. Share your photos and stories of Puma Knives!

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Forsternicker, Model 3585, 1984

G Nicker model 3596. No control number on these so it can't be accurately dated, but things like the box, R/C decal and paperwork suggests early 1980's (Also another two piece sheath model)

Nice Knife. I can't clearly read the blade etch, but the grind shape and sheath suggest somewhere around early 2000's?

Hope you still have the box. Even these "Newer" Puma Bowies are quite collectable and commanding reasonable prices

dead_left_knife_guy said:

Awesome!  I've had that "Original Bowie" clip point for years now but never used it.  On mine, the handle scales are not even with the tang, & the balance is weirdly blade-heavy.  But still I just really like it!

Jan Carter said:

Reply by Carl Newton on October 28, 2011 at 10:43

Three Puma classics

Kleiner Jagdnicker, model 3587, 1982

Hunter's Pal Model 6397, 1969

Plenty of Hunter's Pals out there and a very popular model still in production, but to find an example like this, in perfect condition after 52 years is rather special.

The older the knife the more likely it was bought to be used and has been used a lot, as opposed to be kept unused, but this example is "Like New"

Just thinking about Puma Knives, the Solingen made versions that is.

The knives are all branded as "Hand Made", but are they truly "Hand Made"?

Well Yes and No. No one single person takes a piece of steel from the forge and completes every different operation and at the end uf the day comes up with a finished knife that he or she alone made by their own hand.

Rather, Pumas are "Production Hand Made"

Blanks from the forge are sent to the factory floor in batches, and each batch of blades is passed on down a line of craftsmen who complete some operations, like first grind, second grind etc until the batch is complete.

Almost every operation is done by hand, but by many specialist hands, hence "Production Hand Made"

Bayernmesser, Model 3573, 1981

This one has both sheaths. The brown leather was shipped as standard, the black leather with clip was an extra


These show an obvious Scandinavian style

Top, Model 6317, 1978 (Stag Scales)

Middle Model 6318, 1987 (Jacaranda Scales). Some version were branded Puma Scandinavian

Bottom Model 6319, 1973 (Jacaranda scales with small steel, branded as Rabbiter Set)

Skinner, Model 6393, 1966

One of the most popular and enduring Pumas. Been around at least 60 years in this format (ie Full Tang Stag Scales), probably more and still in production.

Skinner Model 6373, 1981

A variation on the 6393, and rather scarce. Haven't seen one come up for sale in Australia for at least 3 years.

Note only two rivets in the scales and a nickel silver pommel

Bowie, Model 6393

Top, 1966

Middle 1977

Bottom 2003

Another big seller and long enduring Puma, still in production

Close comparison shows subtle differences in the grind on each of the three, and demonstrates the difference between "Production Hand Made" and simply "Production" made

Trail Guide, Model 6382, 1980

Possibly a bit unusual, most Trail Guides, at least those sold in Australia, had Stag Scales. This one is Wood Scales


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