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Silver Lion, model 0215

Undated but catalogues suggest that this model was only Solingen made from 1993 to 1996'

The model is still available but only under the Puma IP brand (Made in Spain by Joker Knives)

This one is the genuine Solingen version

Puma "Scout" knife. No model number or date.

Very traditional style of Solingen knife and various versions have been made by Puma and just about every other Solingen manufacturer for maybe a century. Hard to say.

This example is not that old, and appears to be Model 9105, probably late 1980's

Sportmesser Model 6305

No date

Another classic German style, very much in the same mode as the "Scout" knives.

This one was made somewhere between 1957 and 1963

also resemble green river knife

Vinnie said:


These show an obvious Scandinavian style

Top, Model 6317, 1978 (Stag Scales)

Middle Model 6318, 1987 (Jacaranda Scales). Some version were branded Puma Scandinavian

Bottom Model 6319, 1973 (Jacaranda scales with small steel, branded as Rabbiter Set)

Model 6393 is the Solingen, Germany made skinner. There should be either a five digit number stamped on the finger guard or a two or three digit number etched on the blade followed by the letters RC. If you can tell me what these numbers are I can tell you when it was made

harry e karmun said:

hello my friend has a puma 6393 . how do i find out about it ? like is it made in germany , when it was made ?

Sportmesser Model 6301

No Date

Full size Saw Back

Made somewhere between 1957 and 1963

Hunter's Companion, Model 6394, 1969

Sorry, Typo. Model is 6396 not 6393

Vinnie said:

Bowie, Model 6393

Top, 1966

Middle 1977

Bottom 2003

Another big seller and long enduring Puma, still in production

Close comparison shows subtle differences in the grind on each of the three, and demonstrates the difference between "Production Hand Made" and simply "Production" made

Hunter's Friend, Model 6388, 1966

This one has had some use, but even so its hard to find really nice examples of a 55 year old knife

4 Star model 6025, 1979

Note the sheath. this is the sheath that shipped with the older 6025's in the wooden presentation case

(And yes I have the complete lot, case, paperwork etc as with all the Puma's shown above, all are as originally packed in Solingen)

Another 4 Star 6025, this one from 1992

Note the sheath. This version was shipped in the familiar green and yellow box and the sheath is the more conventional Puma style of the day. Surprisingly, this is the scarce version (not the knife itself, but boxed with this sheath)

And another 4 Star 6025, 1992

This one is the later version in presentation case. Note the sheath, different again. Sometimes its not just the knife itself that appeals to a collector


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