I got this randall 14 a week ago from an old friend. The sheath is a johnson from late 70s and the knife is vietnam era. What can a knife like this be worth. I have hard time to find anything about that. If you can help me I would be happy :-)

/Kimmo Lilja



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I would guess that's a hot style right now with all the survival shows on TV.


I think you would get a great answer on that from Andy at the group Randall Made Knives.  I am with Robert the style should be a very popular one right now

 What does the back of the sheath look like and the stone in the pouch That also tells a little more about it . could be very nice . looks like vietnam era
The sheath I know is from late 70s  or early 80s. Johnson sheath.   The knife is an tenite 14  approximately late 50s to -65.

Well, a new Model 14-7½ sells for $375.


 From the Randall site: 

7 1/2" blade of 1/4" stock.
Top cutting edge sharpened.
4 1/2" handle of durable Black Micarta.
(Green micarta handle material available upon request.) (stainless steel blade, sawteeth, forward curved hilt, nickel silver hilt, name etching and name plate are available at additional charge.) Extra heavy 7/8" wide tang runs through channel handle, which is firmly fastened with epoxy. (Note: Standard with finger grip handle. Single Finger Grip and Border Patrol handle shapes available at additional charge.) Straight oblong hilt of 1/4" brass. This knife was designed to meet the demand for an almost indestructible all-purpose knife, though it is especially suited for combat and survival purposes. With wrist thong through brass ferrule in handle


I've seen some from the mid 1960s in excellent shape going for up to $500 to $600 and NIB for up to $800 at the various Randall sites.




I have the info on the knife now and it was a well worthy knife that I can say :-)  It's probably late 50s maybe early 60 s and a rare bird. The leather strap on it's is also origin. The knife is now in a well known Randall collectors hands. :-)

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