I have to give a BIG Thank you to Tracey and Reed Cutlery! Seriously folks, great people great service and outstanding Queen/S&M Knives! I am a customer for life!!

Large Coke Bottle- Buffalo Horn
Large Coke Bottle - Whiskey Catalina

Both Factory Samples

Swing Guard Burnt Stag

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Not to mention the wonderful S&M Prater Painted Pony that they selflessly added to my most recent order!!

Great knives! I especially like that buffalo horn.  Awesome.

Thanks for the kind words Don.

There's not enough words in the dictionary to say thank you and to show my appreciation!!
I wanted to follow up with this. I believe I just received the best YELLOWHORSE USA, QUEEN CUTLERY PAINTED PONY SWING GUARD LOCK BACK KNIFE WITH SLEEPY HOLLOW SCALES! This knife is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had the photography skills to do it justice!!
Reed Cutlery knows how to pick them and they are great people to work with!! This knife will become the center of attention in my Queen/Schatt Swing Guard drawer!!!

Now that is one awesome looking swing guard.

Don, you should try one of the Cougar Creeks.  Danny Reed does a fantastic job on them

Jan, I may just have to do that soon!!
OK, a few updated pics of my Queens less the Swing Guards and Express.

First pic is Coke Bottle Factory Samples and the Second Pic is Coke Bottles & Lock Back Hunters.

Third pic is a few Grand Daddy Barlows, a couple Mountain Men, a few Toothpics, my beautiful Prater handled Queen, Robeson Barlow etc...


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