With 2015 upon us, do you have any new goals?  I have 2...Live more simply and own a Tony Bose Tic!

With that being said Donnie and I are wishing you Beautiful Moments, Treasured Memories and all the Blessings a heart can endure for 2015

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Data, great goal!

Need to lose weight. A 100# would do.

Buy more knives.

Oh and figure out a way to keep the wife from finding out.

LOL!!  Please tell us how, I know the guys want to hear it

lol ok

Continue to lose more weight. Lost 33 pounds so far.

Oh, and buy more knives.

congrats on the 33 pounds!

Congrats Craig!  I may have found some of it if you need it back

My knife collecting has it's ups and downs and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way. There are some good years that the $$$ is available to add nice knives to my collection. There is also years that we must, because of Responsibly, devote less $$$ and time to our hobby. Hey, that's okay, just hang in there and pray that better days are coming.

   My New Years Resolution is that, I will do my best and pray that I am able to collect a few new knives.

I would like to cut back on my knife spending. A long range goal would be to try to let go of some "stuff" (knives included) so someday when my time comes (hopefully not anytime soon) the kids won't have so much plunder to wade through and dispose of.

Happy New Year everyone.

I cut down on the other stuff Jerry.  Did a complete overhaul of things we owned, sold or gave away more than half a household.  The Knives?  no way.  The kids will just have to follow my instructions and call Blueridge when they get them

That is good ones for all of us Ken.  Except I ought to lose 20 pounds.

Ken Spielvogel said:

Seek first The Kingdom of God

Set my mind on things above

Follow Holiness

Lay up treasures in Heaven

Bridle my tounge

Exercise and stay fit - lose 10 lbs

I like those goals Perry.  But for me to make more money I would have to go back to work which I don't want to do and would not be practical for me now anyway.  And I should be a better husband even after 41 years and definitely be more Godly.  Oh, in case you didn't mention it, buy more knives!

perry coleman said:

Well my goals are simple, make more money by working smarter. Buy more knives, be a better husband and after 33 years this is going to be hard, be a more Godly man, buy more knives, stop and smell the roses and oh, buy more knives!

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