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I have been thinking for quite some time on how to display my collection. I never had been the one to go the traditional route, seeing that I'm not a traditional kind of guy. I love simple things, old things, and tend to break off of what is usually done. I decided to go simple and vintage, finding old items that told a story in themselves, rather then just shelves for my collection, I tend to have just as much fun finding ways to display my knives then getting the knives themselves. How do you display your collection, traditional or with a personal touch?

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Right now I don't have anything to show. Years ago I built my own knife cabinets with glass fronts that hung on the walls. I sold them and now my knives sit in drawers and old jewel boxes. I will get some cabinets that I saw on the internet, I hope, by Summer.

I have seen some members do a really nice job with displays of knives. I am kind of with Craig, right now I have knives about anywhere, including boxes under the bed, on shelves, in drawers, in shop, in farm truck, in coats...One of these days, I am going to make some shelves. I will say I struggle to be innovative in my picture taking and thus the scene in which the knife is displayed so I can post it here on iKC.

A good spot to look through for ideas is here: http://www.iknifecollector.com/group/knifephotography

I keep tabs on that group because every once in a while I see an inspiration that gets me going back to picture taking.

ok i'm going to try this again. excuse the finger. it's not to big yet.

Thats awesome, Lee!!!!

Lee Smith said:

ok i'm going to try this again. excuse the finger. it's not to big yet.

Cool! Looks like a store!

Well Lee that sure is nice! Where in the world did you get that, whenever I go to sales I never see anything close to that!

Lee Smith said:

ok i'm going to try this again. excuse the finger. it's not to big yet.

A store that I would love to see. Lol
Same here, Steve. Never come across anything like that!

Paid a hundred bucks for the large display off of craigslist and the little one is a keenkutter display that I found in a junk store. It's almost full of keenkutter knives.


Lee, that's a beautiful vintage piece!!!

Thanks Steven

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