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Everyone has their favorite knives, but I've read about guys LOVING these things to death!

I've owned just about every type knife, but I've never had one of these. But, that will change!

They are sooo sleek, trim and graceful!

Do you have any? How do you like them? 

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Those are all some beauties! The Case Coke bottle is awesome and the examples of Winterbottom Bone on the Queens are spectacular!

Paul is right, I need one of these now to go with my new Case Yeller Trappers..............

I posted this in the SMKW SFO discussion but I'll show it again.  A 2000 Case Peacock Appaloosa (blue/green smooth appaloosa bone} 4" slim serpentine jack - 61048S-2 SSM-Limited run-exclusive for SMKW I picked up while visiting there

That's really nice John!

Here's a nice one!  At soonerstateknives.com

I got this a few months ago and forgot to post it.

1975 Case Slimline wearing "Yeller" handles.

Nice Brad! I need one of those!

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