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Mine are the buck 112 the Benchmade Dejavoo and the Spyderco Tenacious!

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These are the knives n tools I am carrying on me today.My EDC's 4 today.I am trying the Ka-Bar on for size and checking its comfort carry factor.It is large,but is ok due to its leather sheath that moves with my body better than a rigid kydex/thermoplastic rig.Each thing has a purpose and there is not one do all blade.

Contego, D2 Dejavoo & Shapleigh Med Stockman

For the past couple of days I replaced my Case Mini Blackhorn with this Colonial Barlow.  I will carry it for a few more days then go back to my Blackhorn.  The Case is so small and light that I don't even notice it in my pocket, but it handles all my normal cutting chores just fine

Hmm...not many Zero Tolerance EDC's listed. Gotta say, I have been thrilled with my ZT0300. Maybe a bit big for some, but what a tank. Feels great, handles great. Have an Cold Steel AK47 on the way, and may grab myself a ZT0350, just for something smaller.

Mine are a Colt CT337 and a SAK that I just got at an estate sale which I'm still trying to identify.

Saying by to my RR stag whittler, for a spell.  Breaking in a new Seahorse...

Brad T. said:

Contego, D2 Dejavoo & Shapleigh Med Stockman


Brad, nice set of knives. My question is what's the add on to the 810 thumbstud for? Just curious.


My Benchmade 710 and 525 models see a lot of time, but I own 50+, mostly the older models and toss in the later LE's which are pretty much the only new ones I buy these days. As time's passing I find most of my EDC's are in the 3" range.

Well for the next few weeks :Queen Fixed Blade 4180 Oak

today it was these 3

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 ZDP-189, Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Translucent Blue, Gerber Dime MT .

Re modelling a house, building a room, this is the current EDC table

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