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Title is pretty explanatory. I'm curious to know where all of you snag your blades from. Do you go into a store and buy in person, or just an online guy/gal? Myself, I've got a few places I consistently visit. 

S.R. Knives. The only good knifeshop anywhere around me. Got a good selection of spydies, Benchmades, and a multitude of other brands. Sometimes prices are a tad higher, but many times they're equivalent to what I would pay for a product shipped to my door from the U.S. Nothing like going to a store to actually feel the blade before buying. Probably why all of my purchases recently have been from them.  


I have occasionally bought blades from other stores (Warriors and Wonders, Grand Prarie knives), but these 3 are my main sites I visit. 

I do browse on True North Knives and Knife Art, but have yet to actually buy anything from them. Look like great sites, but a lot of their gear is out of my price range atm. Hopefully in time that will change for the better. 

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I prefer stores over online. For me, buying knives is like buying swimming trunks... ya gotta try 'em on, no matter how tacti-cool they look! I buy from a local store called Camouflage, they are also online @ http://www.camouflage.ca/. Although most of their pricing is in line with manufacturers' MSRP, I get great hands on service and a good working relationship with the owners
eBay mostly, warriorsandwonders, recently atlanticknives.ca
Mainly Ebay. I have no good stores here in town, unfortunately.

I browse frequently on True North Knives, Knife art and Steel addiction ,but never have buy from them either.

Most of my knives are custom order from knife makers, and a few picked up at a knife show.

All eBay.  There are no dedicated knife shops around here that I know of...

I buy 70% of my knives on the Web,  25% in shops and the 5%  I receive from friends.

On the web I buy from the US.

New shop I just opened up last year. E.D.C. Canada




We will be adding more lines soon. We will also be at the CKG show!~


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


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