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So when I was visiting Arkansas I was in the car with A.G. and Goldie. And we were talking about A.G.'s One Hand Knife.

It's a design that I've grown VERY fond of. And they were telling me about the different variations that they've had over the years. The one that stayed with me was the Cowry-X version. Goldie was talking about how they'd done that one and that, at the time, they didn't really know what they had and what a special steel this Cowry X was.

Anyway, months later I was looking over E-bay. And I saw one pop up. I'd just acquired some funds through the sale of a smartphone and figured I might be able to get my hands on that one. A  nervewracking week later I'd won the E-bay auction and had obtained a promise from the seller that he'd ship it ASAP.

Then another nervewracking MONTH's wait that it took to get over here plus added import duties I'd finally gotten my hands on this one.

I had to think about it for a little while but I ended up deciding that this one would have to be a using knfe (despite the cost of it). So tonight I set up my little photo studio and took a couple of pictures for you all.


And last of all something that I think gives it a nice touch:

Love the one piece construction of this knife. It's not the smoothest but I've yet to play around a little bit more with the pivot tension on this one. I have a belt sheath that it fits PERFECTLY into. So it'll go with me to the office tomorrow.

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Just who the AG Hen & Rooster 111 aniversary set on EBay what a buy. take a look

Wow! That looks amazing! Was it a good buy or did you have to dig deep into the pockets for that one?

Thought I would share my latest acquisition on ebay of the CM-1 Excelsior bolsters Engraved by Frank Hendricks and the blade by Shaw Leibowitz.  Thought it would be nice if anyone else would share their collector club knives.





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