Trackrock Hammer-in Spring 2015

For me this event is every bit as important to the knife community as going to the Blade Show.  At Blade you get to see what the companies are coming out with next.  Here you may get to see the next great hand forger working on a knife.

Now don't get me wrong the adults get a chance to forge beside some well know makers if they want to also.  It is a great place to decide if you want to do this or even to come hone your skills.  But my favorite part is watching the youngsters.  

Carl Rechsteiner has been holding this event for 14 years, twice a year.  There are now some very good 20 something knifemakers that swung their first hammer right at this event.  And some even younger still.  This is Scout setting up his station last night.  I have gotten his permission to film him some today for us

Here he is last year teaching his younger brother

So stay tuned today and tomorrow and I will be bringing you some masters, some first timers and some fun at the forges.  If your close enough to us, come on by the Hammer In is free for all!!

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OK, now I know what a hammer in is, I sure wish I was closer that looks like a lot of fun.

Thank you Jan! Looks like another great knife event!

Andy Roy at Fiddleback Forge brought his work with him so he could be here.  That man ground knives and ground knives.  He is a true Pro

Andy is also a man with a big heart.  He set up the Super Ben Project  and this Hammer In

Most of the guys not only forge but also work their own leather.  Mike Brown is no different but he does some spectacular leather

This is Scott and Johnny.  This is the forge I worked with today and 2 very patient gentleman helped me out with direction after each heat

And here it is....I forged a pony shoe

I can show you the knife tomorrow, I still have to grind

It was nice to see I was not the only female willing to hammer it out today.  Jenn works for Fiddleback Forge and came to do her first forging also

TrackRock is a family affair.  It is held at Trackrock campgrounds just about 10 miles from our home.  They have horseback riding, cabins, places for RV's and camping sites

Some great grinding and forging!

Andy Roy is not the only one that loves to do this Hammer In.  Blood Root knives also brought their list of work commitments to work on this weekend while having some fun.  This will end up some chefs handforged work knife.



And most of you will know but this is the elusive Donnie.  My better half and the person that keeps me going!

The best part of any outing for me is watching the kids get excited about a new knife.  Better than that is watching 15 year old Scout, who has been forging for 11 years!!  Help 8 year old Adrian forge his knife.  Watch both videos, trust me they are worth it

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