Arguably, the easiest & most frequently used method for dating cutlery.


Do you have a unique/rare stamping ??


Care to share a pic & a bit of history ??


Just as important ... a stamping that's just a little (or, a lot) suspect.





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Gotta have some deep pockets for that one to fit...
Hey, that one is unique ... certainly, for me anyway

Thanks for the post. I was in Columbia & Brazil ~ 1997 on business & wanted to pick up some locally manufactured knives. All I could find was std swiss army, Buck, & a few Case.

... must of been in the wrong shop ...
I guess that speaks to what they want to buy there!!!
Trent .. re: the earlier discussion~Knife Q&A\Looking for info on an old Ka Bar .. that data would put your straight knife above @ post 1923 pre 1951 inclusive .. cool !!!

...................... Reply by Terry Truett on March 22, 2010 at 12:21pm
Here is some history that I found, but I couldn't find the knife. It going to depend on the tang stamp to give you an ideal what year it was produced. From the picture I can't read whats in front of cutlery co. on the tang, but here is history:

Union Cutlery Co.
Olean, NY 1911-1951
KA-BAR brand 1923-1951
Wallace R. & Emerson Brown
Danforth Brown Manufacturer

KA-BAR Cutlery Co.
Olean, NY 1951-1966
KA-BAR brand since 1951
Danforth Brown d.1956

Cole National Corp.
Cleveland and Solon, OH 1966-present
KA-BAR and KHYBER brands
Manufacturer at Olean, NY 1966-1977
Sold KA-BAR brand to Alcas 1996

The way I see it is if the Tang Stamp has Union Cutlery Co. its a pre-1951 and if it has KA-BAR Cutlery Co. on the Tang its post-1951. I will keep looking and I have a few friends that I will ask that might have an ideal. Hope this helps some.

Here is one Ive never seen before. I just posted questions and pics on the General knife discussion forum but found this topic and thought I would share this stamping also. The rear is stamped M.i. GERMANY BRITISH ZONE. Anyone ever seen this before?
I googled the rear stamp .. found one @ auction claiming to be circa 1950's .. ?????????

.. also, found this interesting article .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_German_border
Dale- love those stamps and pics. I'll look through mine to see a couple of the most rare. I think through of all the "rare" knife stuff/stamps I have (most are just the old firms that made my favorite knife pattern) I'd say this box is my most rare piece (I know off topic a bit, but the knives are just Case Brothers, C. Patts, Platts Bros, etc....brands you'll all seen before I'm sure).

If you look closely you'll see the box is hard written "8250" which is the pearl handled elephant toenail. It's hard to find much info on Case Brothers Manufacturing Co Gowanda, NY. It is believed they were jobbers at this point because their first plant was in Little Valley New York. So this box pre-dates them building their plant there.

Great discussion guys some rare stamps there!

I was fortunate enough to see some rather rare tangs while in PA this week.  Courtesy of Gary K.  who very patiently waited for me to photo 14 of his

I was fortunate enough to see some rather rare tangs while in PA this week.  Courtesy of Gary K.  who very patiently waited for me to photo 14 of his


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