I joined on Friday and I've been using my iPad. The browsing and refreshing was painfully slow. I am now on my laptop and this forum is now a breeze to flow through.


Odd, since the drum forum, and every other page I visited all weekend, didn't have a problem with speed or anything.


Anyone else notice this?



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I know I use an android tablet when I am at shows and I dont have much of a slow down in performance at all

My tablet experience here was short lived to say the least. My cheaper Android tablet lagged out so terribly and was so flakey that to save its miserable life, I shelved it and strictly used my laptop to connect. Been happy with my connectivity ever since. Guess this site is just too much awesome for my wee tablet! *grin*

Good to know. Weird, every other site & forum worked as it should. I was on a page for 5 minutes and the little wheel was still spinning, no matter what...

Could be a problem with iOS. Pretty much using my android tablet and smart phone now.
I am using a Galaxy S4 and the site runs fine. Runs ok on the ipad as well but neither can post photos directly in mobile view. Android has a few issues posting photos in desktop view but no ability in mobile view

My Nexus 4 phone works great on the site. Chat can be a little dicey, and I have posted a few pics through the phone, but that tablet of mine almost met a horrible end before I quit using it to navigate the site. Probably just because it was a cheaper tablet.

I only use my computer and have no problem. I don't have those other gadgets.

Funny thing about posting pictures,  my desktop will not post them using IE7 (all folders are not shown)  My phone will post them in Chrome only when I ask for the desktop view from the browser, however my tablet, running chrome also brings up the tool bar everytime.

The only thing I have is desk top and that is what I use.

JJ, That is funny.  I use multiple types.  I use an android tablet at shows, my laptop after shows but when I am home, it is my PC all the way 

Derek, I am currently a Vista User with a Tower and monitor. In a few weeks I will be on an iPad ...and running iKnife Collector from it!!! 

Should I be scared?

OK well an update to my ongoing joy of running iKnife Collector on an iPad. I had all kinds of frusteration as IOS 7 just does not work with about half of iKC.

I explored lots of alternatives to Safari and also tried plug ins to Safari, like Silverlight. That did not work nor did Chrome which was supposed to work with IOS. 

After trying several different search engines I tried Puffin and went with the free app. It did not work but it said I needed the version that supports Flash. I tapped it and it opened the App Store. I could upgrade for .99 every 6 months. Fully compatible with IOS it lets me post photos and do about everything I could do before!

Still testing a few things lik copy and paste and will report back with updates!

This is great!!  I am poratble and fully functional  with complete integration across all social networks!

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