Ever wonder when you’re writing that forum or loading in a picture why the category at the bottom says TAGS?

When you search for a knife on the internet, you enter a keyword right?  That key word reads TAGS and gives you the results of your search.  Now, that is an extremely simplified version of what happens but it is the result none the less.

The same happens when someone searches on iKC, so it helps folks here find your photos and see your knives.

So TAG!  Help us be seen, help the friends we have not met yet find us.

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Thank you Jan. 

I have never given this a thought when I post pictures.  Now that you have explained it I will fill in the info on all subsequent photos.  I never realized what all that info was used for.

Thanks Jan,

I have posted a bunch of pics without giving any thought to the tags-I will from now on, though !! While we are on the subject, what exactly do the location box and the map it feature do, as shown in your photo ?? I guess I never paid much attention to that, either, because I usually (not always) know where I'm at  !! LOL


LOL!  Well I guess I dont always where I am either but the map it wont help either of us.  In Case I wanted to put up a pic from the Blade Show and map where I was

LOL, I see your point !! I could not help but chuckle when I tried this google search---hh taylor rope knife images-Notice anyhing familiar ?? LMAO

works pretty good doent it?

LOL, I just realized you were looking at images with the search hh taylor rope knife 

I wish every knife search had our name all over it  like that

Jan, now you see why I was LMAO when I looked at the images !! Front and center,too, I might add !! LOL


bringing this back up so everyone can see it again.  

Please everyone, do a google search -hh taylor rope knife images  ---Click on the images and you will see why we are laughing- IKC leads the way !!


John, I was looking back over this today.  We are getting close to being in every knife photo search you can imagine 

I will do this in future  Jan .

Thanks John and Leo!!

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