I figured I would give a place for those of us that have some of the Taylor Schrade and Smith & Wesson knives to call home. I didn't feel like the Taylor Brand Schrades belonged in the same group as the USA built ones. So here is a place to show what you have. Of course, if you have some USA built ones that you want to post here, we certainly won't complain.

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I'll add my two cents.   I've got a few S&Ws and a couple more than that Taylor-Schrades.  I give the S&W marlin spike 3 out of 5 stars.  I think I was being generous.  It is really uncomfortable to hold and not easy to grip with the blade folded.   The Maxam Marlin spike cost less and works better, despite also having flaws. ( But the flaws on the Maxam can be fixed in five minutes with a small triangular file.)

They both look nice, Toby. The more I see the Marlin spikes, the more I like them.

This is the only 3  S & W Tacticals that I own. They are decent built for the price.

I'll need to take a pic or two fo my other S&Ws   If you want full reviews of the  two Sailing knives they are on my sailing knife page:

The Sailing Knife

S&W -- Maxam

My Remington (Camillus made) Trapper and my Schrade BSA 100th Aniv.  Buzz Saw Trapper.  My only worry about the Schrade made knife is the use of 400 series Stainless Steel.  Could you be a little more specific!  Still the saw blade instead of the spay and the tweezers and straight pin are pretty cool.  That orange bone is really really bright!

4 1/8 in standard trappers.

Nice pair, Toby. I like that handle on that Remington. I have never seen a buzz saw trapper. Pretty cool looking knife.

good looking cutlery,the wife has the cigar box knives ,and the cowgirl up and tractor up...thanks tom-kay 

this is one of my sharade knifes with pearl..

here is another sharade bear tracks knife...


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